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Workers’ Compensation
A work place injury can cause many hardships for an individual and his or her family. Workers’ compensation benefits can assist in dealing with those hardships by providing income and medical benefits. With over two decades of experience in handling workers’ compensation cases, we are equipped to assist you in obtaining all benefits to which you are entitled when you have been injured at work.

Personal Injury
When one is injured by another’s negligence, it is important to obtain the necessary medical treatment as soon as possible. It is equally important to have an attorney who understands the complexities of insurance coverage and who is unafraid of confronting large insurance companies so that all recoverable damages may be sought, including medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses.

Elder Law
The elderly often have special needs that must be addressed, such as ensuring proper medical care and long-term living arrangements. In many circumstances, ensuring you or your loved one receives proper long-term care requires careful planning and creative use of available resources and benefits. A Qualified Income Trust or Special Needs Trust may need to be implemented in order to qualify for Medicaid assistance and to protect personal assets. We are also able to assist you or your loved one by providing counsel regarding guardianship or conservatorships.

Wills & Trusts
We understand that end of life issues are difficult to discuss. To make these discussions less difficult, we aim to assist with these tough decisions by providing caring, knowledgeable, and creative advice. There are three essential documents that all individuals should have: a Last Will and Testament, a Financial Power of Attorney, and a Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care. We are available to assist your needs regarding the creation or amending of wills, the creation and maintenance of trusts, and the probate administration process.

Social Security
Those who have become disabled are entitled to Social Security income and medical benefits in certain situations. Unfortunately, many who are entitled to receive those benefits are initially turned down. In that circumstance, it is important to have an experienced attorney who can assist you by navigating the oftentimes confusing procedure involved in securing Social Security benefits. We have the experience necessary to help you as you seek the benefits to which you are entitled.

Criminal Defense
Being accused of a criminal offense is a difficult and trying experience for one's self, as well as his or her family. One accused of a crime needs an attorney who will not only ensure his or her rights are protected but also listen and provide prudent advice. With experience that includes representing hundreds of people charged with offenses such as D.U.I. and other traffic violations, as well as serious felony drug offenses and violent crimes, we are equipped to assist you by vigorously asserting your rights at every stage of your case.